What’s coming your way from World Voices in 2022

After a roller coaster 2021 that was so difficult for so many of us, I hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved rest over the seasonal break. We are back at work, recording studios at the ready and with fresh coffee brewing. It’s nice to be back and off to a busy start so let’s have a quick review of work highlights from last year and a peak at what we’ve got coming for 2022.

First, it’s great that World Voices is well and truly up and running offering adult voices in 50 languages. There are lots of exciting newcomers on our books but I am very happy to be working once again with many of my old team of experienced over actors from as far back as the 90s when I started out in the recording studios at Foreign Voices in London’s East End.

So here we are 25 years later with a new company welcoming Lucy Moses to the team as Business Development Manager. Lucy has a background as a voice over actor, Project Manager and script writer. We finished 2021 with some excellent campaigns including foreign versions for Harry Potter Lego (see the case study below) that went across Europe as well as two commercials for Betway as they grow their presence in the USA.

Having had the last five years working exclusively with young voice actors at Voiceover Kids, I hope to have the time in 2022 to produce more voice over in the not-for-profit sector. As well as the massive stress Covid put on our NHS and the economy, the pandemic had a very damaging effect on young peoples’ mental health and caused a crisis of funding for a wide range of independent charities focusing on young people. I hope to showcase some of that work on the website soon.

Thank you reading all the way to here! I’ve learned over the years that it’s our loyal clients and suppliers that keep us going when things are tough. I’d like to wish all our friends in the industry a wonderful 2022.