Welcome to Singer Kids!

Finally here’s a quick and easy way to creatively direct kids in studio for all types of singing assignments. We kept getting asked at Voiceover Kids do your kids sing? Yes we’d say but it is a very different type of gig from voicing audio. We soon realised that you needed kids to be able to sing TOGETHER in the same place at the same time! That meant you needed a monkey wrangler or as we prefer to call them nowadays a VOCAL DIRECTOR to make sure they were all singing in the same key and in time with each other. Add in a sound engineer to deal with the technical stuff like beats per minute, backing tracks and editing it all together and hey presto we had a team. They are Cops and Pierro at the wonderful Sheffield Performing Arts centre in ahem.. yes you guessed it.. Sheffield.

So far we’ve sung songs for language learning courses and our first Christmas ad for an Italian biscuit company. Pricing is on a project by project basis starting from £500 for a simple song with one child singer with online usage. Every gig will have a dedicated child safeguarding policy in place. You are welcome to direct the kids yourself over Zoom or at least join in the fun and watch it all happen. Please email james@worldvoices.co.uk for more information. Examples can be heard in the our work section of the Voiceover Kids website. Don’t worry Singer Kids will soon have their own website but for the moment here are the first kids all in studio to record their first singing demos.